Becoming Woman is a fast-paced 50 minute show that combines monologues with spoken word poetry to create a non-stop performance that examines the universal themes of first loves, relationships with mothers, sexuality, innocence, and home. This show is appropriate for ages 12 and up, and has showcased at several high schools and professional theatres across the country. Humor coupled with honesty makes this minimalist show one that works well from stage to stage as we explore womanhood, our connection to the Bluegrass, and our hearts.

Becoming Woman is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! It is a show that promises to take you back to bad fashions, bad haircuts, and bad dance routines. It will take you back to puberty, your awkward and uncomfortable adolescence, and desperate attempts at fitting in. It will ride you through first kisses, and take you through the love you have for your girlfriends, your mothers, and for the men in your lives. This show holds your hand through the years of growing and becoming.